Sailing stones racetrack Death-valley national park

Incredible sailing stones from Death valley national park

were tried to be explained by many professional researchers.

Mystery stays, nobody until now was not able to explain
this amazing phenomena, how do they move and leave long trails …

Death valley national park sailing stones mystery

Why are stones from Death valley national parkSailing stones from Death valley national park
named sailing stones?

They are moving on desert ground all by themselfs
and no one has ever saw them move,
and no one knows how they do it …

No one will ever know that they move,
if they didn’t leave miles long trails while they move.

Of course that attracted scientists, researchers
and curious observers ever since the stones
were first discovered nearly a century ago.

To date, no scientist has been able to record the
rock physically moving. It is believed that no one
has ever seen them in motion …


Possible explanations to sailing stones

There are many different explanations
about those sailing stones moves by alone in
this harsh desert environment.

Every some time to time Death Valley national park
hosts researches from all over the world
which try to explain these strange phenomena.

I did a little reaserch
and here are some possible exlanations …

Rainstorms sweeping across Death Valleysailing stones death valley national park
causing flooding on the desert ground,
followed by intense winds
that blew the rocks across the mud

This is obvisusly silly to me,
what rainstorms are they talking about
if Death Valley national park is desert?

However this hypothesis could explain
only a part of the moving rocks,
especially the smaller ones.

Curiously there is no correlation between
the size of the rock and length of the track,
even if it seems that larger boulders seem to travel less than smaller ones.

One of the most intriquing things about the sailing stones
is their ability to move in different directions.

Because of that some more explanations are:

  • geologists pushing the stones
  • animals pushing the stones
  • a hoax to fool tourists
  • earthquakes, magnetic or gravitational anomalies


There are also teories about extraterrestrials
moving the rocks, after all the infamous Area 51
lies very close across the border of Nevada state.

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Death Valley national park sailing stones

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Death Valley national park sailing stones 36.692649, -117.559204 Sailing stones disappearing from Death valley national park

Sailing stones are now dissapearing from Death Valley national park

Death Valley is very magical and mysterius place …

Because of that park rangers say
many visitors continue to attribute mythical properties
to the sailing stones and they consider them to have magical properties.

Because of this believes recent events forced
Park rangers to start investigating
the disappearance of several of the sailing stones.

It looks like people think that sailing stones have
some kind of magical powers and they started to take them with them.

Sad is that people remove those stones from desert ground,
because they don’t seem to understand that outside of
Death Valley national park, these marvelous stones have no value.

There reader if you are one of those people
who took stone from Death Valley,
please be so kind and return it there,
so we all can enjoy in this amazing phenomena.


Matjaz Primec

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