Baltic sea UFO

Baltic sea UFO was found by experts in finding ship wrecks.

Object which they found is very extraordinary
and became known very fast all over the world …

Amazing object lies on Baltic sea floor
and there are many evidences, that this is real ufo alien ship.

Because of their long years expertise with sonars
they definitly have authority when they say
it is something really odd lying on sea floor.


Baltic sea UFO object has size of jumbo jet plane

Another astonishing fact is sonar showing object hit the sea floor
and continued to move after impact for 4.000 feet or 1.219 meters
what created a track with sand bars in sea floor before it came to hold.
Baltic sea is dead, it has no underwater currents which could create sand bars.

Recently another object has been found around 400 feet or 129 meters
from the mysterious disc shaped object known as Baltic sea UFO.
This object comes from same direction of disc and could be a part of it.

At the expeditions to the bottom of the Baltic Sea,
divers reported equipment malfunctions
when they approached the Baltic sea UFO anomaly,
but a concrete reason for it hasn’t been determined.

Sonar shows that objects are made of hard material some kind of metal.
Finders have been in contact with explorers all around the world….

…..and no one call tell what this object is.

Baltic sea UFO other possible explanations

  • Some say that object could be drowned Russian ship from the world wars.
  • Some say that object could be drowned Russian submarine.
  • Some say that object could be meteorit.
  • Some say that object is structure used during World War II by Nazi to block Russian and British submarine signals

Retired Swedish submarine officer Anders Autellus
told the Swedish newspaper Expressen,
that huge concrete structures were built as traps by Germany
to make it difficult for Soviet submarines
to navigate in the Gulf of Finland during the war.
These large steel wire mesh constructions were reportedly
meant to cause signal and radar problems in submarines.

Research fascinating Baltic sea UFO with Ocean X team

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Baltic sea UFO

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Baltic sea UFO 62.216756, 19.709473 Mystery beneath sea evidence that we are not alone in Universe? Military now involved into Baltic sea UFO disclosure


Because we live in huge universe
and there are 200 billion stars only in our Milky Way galaxy,
it is very high possibility that Baltic sea UFO is not a hoax.


For those who can afford it,
there will be possiblity to join X team to explore Baltic sea ufo.

This could bring us to that what
I belive is one of the most important discoveries in history of man kind.
Evidence that we are not alone in Universe.

Baltic sea UFO artistic representationThe “Dive for Truth” campaign
has been created to raise funds
for the rental of necessary equipment
and costs of scientific testing
to complete the exploration
of anomalous object mystery
located at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

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